Soncino Books of the Bible (14 vol. set)

Soncino Books of the Bible (14 vol. set)

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A lucid English translation with an enlightening commentary

The Bible is the foundation of all Jewish practice and belief. Jewish law and tradition stem from this monumental text spoken from God to Moses and has been passed down in an unbroken chain through the generations to what we have today- the Soncino Books of the Bible. Each volume in this 14 volume series contains the complete Hebrew/English text recounting Jewish history and tradition beginning at Creation and the birth and trials of the Jewish people and spanning the generations of Jewish prophets and kings.

The Soncino Books of the Bible are a world-renowned series originally edited by Rabbi Abraham Cohen. This set includes an elegant and clear verse-by-verse translation, as well as an illuminating commentary digest based on the works of classical scholars. Extensive introductions provide invaluable help in understanding each book's purpose. With its compact, practical size and distinctive format, this is a highly accessible text for all students of the Bible. Each volume also contains an index and a bibliography.

Edited by: Rabbi Abraham Cohen; Revised by Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg 
Hardcover | 5-3/8" x 8-3/16" | 5, 460 pages | ISBN 1-871055-70-9